Movies to See | My Favourite Movies

Movies to See

  • Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close
    The 2 mega stars take the back seat. The too-mature-for-his-age kid seems brilliant; exactly my cup of tea.
  • Hesher
    Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Natalie Portman in the cast. I’m sold.
  • RED
    a very interesting cast for an action-thriller. I just want to see Helen Mirren shooting a machine gun.
  • Die Welle (The Wave)
    去年的金馬影展片, 當時就想看了, 最近看電影部落格才又想起來。An social experiment on autocracy. Captivating and chilling. I love movies that make you think but do not make conclusion for you.
  • Entre les murs (The Class)
    I’ve heard a lot of praises for this movie with a realistic view of clashes among different cultures and generations within the classroom.
  • Watchmen
    the most celebrated graphic novel is coming to the big screen from the visionary director Zack Snyder. I didn’t really like 300, but the graphic was absolutely stunning.
  • The Visitor
    seems like a heart-warming movie suitable to watch during this difficult time.
  • Snow Angels
    a drama-thriller exploring several relationships and mystery of the heart, which in my opinion, is the biggest mystery of all. Starring the classically beautiful Kate Beckinsale.
  • What Just Happned
    a candid look at Hollywood. I would like to see what’s going on in the show biz without all the buff and puff.
  • Local Coloor
    an inspirational and heartwarming movie about pursuing your dream and friendship
  • Smart People
    OK, I’ll admit it — I’m interested in this movie totally because of Ellen Page. Seeing her as a sophisticated girl in this one tells me it’s gonna be fun. And I agree with the tagline: “Smart people have the most to learn."
  • The Hours
    a great drama recommended by many of my friends

My Favourite Movies

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (Wo hu cang long)


2 Responses to Movies

  1. Eddy 說道:

    臥虎藏龍 is my favourite, especially the songs.

    • Alice 說道:

      Good point, Eddy. I especially like the drums and of course Mr. Yo-yo Ma’s cello. They go perfectly with the mood throughout the movie.

      Thanks for visiting!


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