Haiti Earthquake 海地大地震

Coming from Taiwan, where earthquakes and typhoon are frequent occurrences, it’s tough to view the disaster taking place in Haiti without feeling sympathetic. Offer of support and assistance from around the world is comforting. Soon after servers of several charity websites were down due to the volume of people trying to make donations or doctors, nurses, construction companies wishing to offer their expertise. However, just days after the earthquake, social unrest and anger is rising in the streets of Port-au-Prince, as supplies and resources struggle to find their way to those in need in a place with poor infrastructure.

I often disagree with the current conservative federal government’s way of running things, but Prime Minister Harper’s offer to match Canadians’ donation is a smart and necessary move. Canada is also speeding up immigration requests by Haitians. But that’s not the first thing they need.

It’s unfortunate that we only realize how lucky we are when we see suffering. We only put our differences aside and come together when catastrophe strikes (suddenly, the “master plan” in Watchmen isn’t so ridiculous anymore). In these dark hours, every little bit helps. Everyone, do what you can to lend a hand. We live on the same planet. No human being should feel forsaken.

Donate to Canadian Red Cross: https://redcross.csfm.com/haiti/index.php

來自地震與颱風頻繁的台灣, 看到海地大地震的情景很難不感同身受。來自世界各地的協助令人安慰, 當天幾個慈善機構的網站伺服器就因為流量超過負荷故障, 除了民眾的捐獻, 醫生、護理人員和建設公司都主動表示願意提供援助。然而地震後沒幾天, 因為支援物資傳送困難, 災區街道上已經開始民怨四起並出現暴動。

我時常反對保守黨聯邦政府的政策, 不過加拿大總理 Harper 此次宣布加拿大政府將以民眾捐款同等金額支援海地, 的確是個明智的決定。加拿大政府同時也加速海地難民的移民申請, 但那不是救急的行動。

很不幸地, 我們總是看到他人的悲慘才知道自己的幸福, 在災難發生時才摒棄爭議團結合作。在這個黑暗的時刻, 每個人一點一滴的付出都很重要。各位, 伸出你的援手吧! 我們共住在一個地球上, 沒有人類應該感到被遺棄。

中華民國紅十字會: http://www.redcross.tw/

Pepoo – 八八水災後續報導彙整中心


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