Leadership — This is how it’s done!

Being a leader is like heading a wall-building project.

You start with finding the right place and right time to start your project.
After carefully evaluating all the requirements, you start recruiting the workers and necessary tools.
Choice of workers and tools are totally based on your discretion, leadership skills and the specific circumstances (Let’s face it. Sometimes good workers are too hard to come by. Even then, they may not want to work for you).

You start putting the first brick in place to demonstrate that you are part of the project just like everyone else — it’s also a time to show off your skills, experiences and dedication from the start.

Then you start putting on some paint — to show the big picture and the "beautiful future perspective" of the project — how life will be much better, and the future picture will be very pretty.

Then you step away, having your workers to start building the wall and painting the "pretty future" for you.
You keep looking, observing, searching for cracks in the wall. And if you want, you can tell the workers to fix them as you see them.

You keep looking, observing and searching still for additional cracks — usually, at this stage you don’t see cracks but lots of "holes" really. (Things are about to take a nosedive).

You take one step away and continue to look, observe and search.
Then you start to flee, to run, run for your life because based on your "skills" and "experiences," you know the wall is falling.

You flee and run before anyone else, before anyone else realizes that they are in deep X$&@#.
You run harder and faster before anyone else notices that you are gone, and that they’re gonna be buried in the deep X$&@# that you once helped put together.

Yes. You’ve come out clean, safe and sound.
Yes. A true leader is future-perspective-oriented, forward-looking, problem-solving with minimal team work.  A true leader always come OUT on top.

So start running, my friends.

Kathy Wang

When Sis was sharing her leadership tips with me yesterday evening, I thought she was brilliant and a born leader. Then I realized I was one of the people who had been buried in deep X$&@#.

Oh well, this sure makes a clever joke!


About Alice

I am a Chinese-Canadian who was born in Taipei. I came to Canada when I was 14, had lived in Toronto for 18 years and then decided to explore the west coast and moved to British Columbia. My interests include science, technology, movies, music, theatre and literature. I am always curious about how things work. I hope I can turn this curiosity into my passion about life and the world around us!
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4 Responses to Leadership — This is how it’s done!

  1. Alice 說道:

    Hi Ann,
    Don\’t you think a lot of people talk about things they don\’t understand and yet think of themselves as the real deal? So apparently it\’s not that hard. Whether others see them as imposters or not is another story…

  2. Ann 說道:

    haha.. funny..
    i had a job interview a bit more than a year ago, and it was a job that was suppose to "train" future leaders.. After the 1st round, the 2nd round was gonna be a 15 min ppt presentation to explain what leadership means. Fortunately (I was dreading it), i got a job offer before the 2nd round came…
    I still wonder till this day how it would be like to explain something you\’ve never truly been… 

  3. Alice 說道:

    haha…Maybe after being in the @%#&, you will learn how to be a true leader. Then next time you can stay clean.

  4. Christy 說道:

    damn,I\’m in deep @%#& too!



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