Movies on the Weekend

Finally, I found some time to sit back and watch several DVDs I had rented a while ago. Alright, I didn’t actually find time as supposed to put everything I should do aside and lie on the couch with a bag of popcorns. But still, it was pretty sweet.
Brokeback Mountain
I don’t understand why some people complained about the slow pacing of this movie. True, Ang Lee’s films are always somewhat slow, but Brokeback didn’t bore me at all. In fact, time flies on screen and I was like, "What? They got married? They have kids already? They got divorced just like that?" Time flies off the screen, too, as I didn’t realize it was 134  minutes long. Considering the film covered a love affair over 20 years, it seemed fair to devote such amount of time and yet the string events flowed and caught me off guard. That’s a testament to the writers’ excellent script, since they need to beef up the story from Annie Proulx’s original short story, which could only be turned into a 30-page script.
I realized why Heath Ledger was universally praised for his performance as Ennis Del Mar. His character was the most complex. Since he was not expressive with words, he displayed his emotions (or maybe more accurately, he hid them) to show what he was going through internally. An interesting and important aspect is that Ennis was burdened with the male stereotype, because that’s how he was raised. So when he felt fear, he responded with violence, agressively seeking physical pain; when he felt sadness, he put up a front of a tough guy and swollowed his tears. This contrasted with any moment when he was with Jack. On the other hand, Jack was always full of passion and hope. He was not brawny, but he was brave. Life and people were hard on him, but he always carried on with a smile. The only times we see him cry were because of Ennis’s reluctance to start a new life with him. These two men came from the same background, endured similar hardships and connected on a level that transcend an ordinary relationship of lovers. Someone made a very good point on Brokeback Mountatin’s IMDb discussion board, pointing out that the leading characters also represent male buddy love, "a man thing." Men are willing to sacrifice even more for their best friends than for their wives. I didn’t know about that, but I think it’s very true. So stop callig Frodo and Sam gay!
Michelle Williams was also great as Alma. The moment when she discovered her husband’s sexual orientation was pure drama. You can see her trying to approach Ennis, and eventually her shock just turned into resentment. The character I was not sure about was Anne Hathaway’s Laureen. I don’t know if she ever loved Jack. In interviews, they said that their marriage was just of convenience. Maybe that’s the point. We’re not supposed to detect real affection between them. But I was happy to see her smile when Jack finally stood up to his father-in-law. I guess we all agree on that one. Wink
Brokeback Mountain was so much more than a "gay cowboy movie." At its core, it’s a love story, but it also dealt with proverty and coming to terms with yourself. While people always talke about Zhang Yimou’s use of bright colours, Ang Lee also played around with colours in this movie, even though they blended into the background rather than jumping on screen as the theme. Ennis and Alma were always struggling to make ends meet, so their colour was toned down and bleak. Jack and Laureen were better off, so they wore bright colours like red and blue. This just goes to show how detail-oriented Lee is. As a movie, Brokeback Mountain is touching, beautiful and technically well done. No wonder many think it deserved the Best Picture Acadamy Award that year.
Little Miss Sunshine
For once, I’d had a high expetation for a movie and it did not disappoint. A dysfunctional family on a road trip for a bizarre reason, this is a concept that has been done so many times before. But the quirky characters gradually make you like them and root for them, even though each has their flaws. For example, Richard (Greg Kinnear) was an annoying critic for the first part of the movie. But as time went on, we saw that he was also struggling to pursue what he belived in. And at the end of the day, he truly cares about his family. 
This movie was filmed before Steve Carell became famous. I was glad to see that he can be in a role other than an ignorant jerk, and we can sympathize with him. He was the funniest when he was uptight, like when he ran with his chest up and swinging his arms stiffly. He formed a special bond with my favourite character in the movie, Dwayne (Paul Dano), and it didn’t take long for us to see that. I like Dwayne becuase he was not simply a boy with teen angst, but he was upholding to his silence vow because he had a cause. That is very respectable. I think many adults have lost the courage and persistance to do what he did. It was a very nice conclusive moment when he came to an understanding with life and the world around him. Plus, when he wrote, "but I’m not going to have any fun" on the notepad, it just cracked me up.
Olive (Abigail Breslin) was so cute! It’s just so easy to like her. When she silently put her head on Dwayne’s shoulder and hugged him, it was the sweetest moment in the movie! Although we get the feeling that her family were telling her things to protect her from the big, ugly world, we, too, wanted her to kick butts at that beauty pageant. The beauty pageant was very interesting because these imperfect characters were the ones close to reality, while the other peppy contestants and parents look ridiculous and a little freaky. Yes, that’s the reality. We all have flaws, and that’s what makes us real.
我不知道該說什麼, 反正這是部很有娛樂效果的電影。主題是有點老套的「人在江湖,身不由己」, 踏進大染缸就不能回頭的故事, 看完了覺得沒什麼新意。吳彥祖的人物性格很模糊, 在鄉下有心上人, 又喜歡上海名歌女, 之後又好像有沒有她都無所謂; 背叛大哥, 帶著槍殺了一堆人, 最後又說不要殺死他的兄弟 (那些臨時演員死得好無辜啊)。舒淇跟吳彥祖一樣反覆, 不過越接近尾聲她的目標較為清楚, 所以至少她的下場能叫人惋惜, 畢竟是個大美女啊! 劉燁真的很狠, 應該是演技最突出的一個, 如果你不會覺得他瘋得太過頭的話。我到最後字幕打出來時才發現那個小弟是楊佑寧, 人物轉折至少很合理, 是不是因為散發出最少明星氣焰, 反而讓觀眾能專注在人物本身? 張震拿槍和穿西裝都帥到底…開口的時候還是扣了分, 拜託發音再去練練好不好(請[色‧戒]的老師來教你好了)?

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    劉燁演的爛斃了 誇張刻意的演法 從黃金甲之後他的演技越來越膚淺


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