Climate Change

Watching the Oscars this year, one can’t help but realize how politics find its way in Hollywood’s biggest party of the year. Then again, perhaps many movies have their underlying agenda; some are not even trying to hide it. Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth was in spotlight that night. It’s Gore’s triumphant comeback. The documentary indeed makes an significant impact on the general public’s attention to the climate change issue. A couple of days ago, I was readig Metro on the bus. Scanning through the papers, I was amazed by how many times the climate change topic came up in the news.
The car manufacture industry responds actively to the incentive to make environment-friendly cars given by the government, even though sales of these cars is only 1% of the market for now. I would love to buy a hybrid car, if I can afford it, that is. Evaluation reveals that Japanese car-makers are still the front runners in producing the most environment-friendly cars, while American giants are the last. Some time ago in the scientific magazine, Discover, I’ve also read about development of a hydrogen fuelled car by Toyota, which will only produce water when the hydrogen combines with oxygen in the air. However, carrying a hydrogen cell in the truck takes up a lot of space and may be danerous. The performance of the car is promising. Honda also has a similar prototype. Imagine stations where you can fill up on hydrogen. This could also provide relief on the energy crisis.
Mayor David Miller plans to double the leaf coverage of Toronto by 2010. Whether this is a realistic resolution is questionable, but I’m happy to see that the city is heading in a greener direction because smog is becoming more serious during my 11-year stay in Toronto. The House of Commons is looking at a budget to give families who drive green cars a tax break. And of course, we can be 200% sure that environment will be a smoking hot debate topic when the time of election is near.
There are more news in the papers that I can’t recall. I bet many many more can be found if you do a search online.
I’m not sure if it’s a good thing when the focus on environment gets in the mix with politics. But it’s definitely wonderful that the issue is brought to people’s attention,  raises our awareness and gets the discussion going, regardless of the vote-grabbing motive behind it.

Edited on April 9, 2007:
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