『人生就是這麼回事。就像植物的種子被任性的風隨意吹送一樣, 我們也漫無目的地徘徊在偶然的大地之上。』
──「她的家鄉、她的綿羊」in《遇見100%的女孩》/ 村上春樹
"The universe certainly doesn’t care about us, but we have learned to care about the universe, to invest in it the same emotional meaning that we invest in everything else. It is how we keep ourselves from feeling so alone."
── SEED Magazine, January 2007

About Alice

I am a Chinese-Canadian who was born in Taipei. I came to Canada when I was 14, had lived in Toronto for 18 years and then decided to explore the west coast and moved to British Columbia. My interests include science, technology, movies, music, theatre and literature. I am always curious about how things work. I hope I can turn this curiosity into my passion about life and the world around us!
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2 Responses to Quotes

  1. Alice 說道:

    嗯, 聽到妳越來越好真的是個好消息喔!

  2. SUMMER 說道:

    愛麗絲 , 我覺得我越來越好了 : )



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