昨天在家裡自己把留了一年的長髮剪了, 望著鏡子, 有點不像自己的感覺。

想到今年夏天奶奶和姑媽造訪Toronto, 看到我, 滿意地跟老媽說, 讓我留長頭髮才對嘛! 這樣才像個女生…
實在有點好笑, 原來只要把頭髮留長就好像老媽教好了一個乖女兒, 那還不容易? 而且又省錢省時間。

也許更可悲的是, 我沒有什麼地方值得稱讚, 只好拿長髮來吹捧一下, 哈哈…


About Alice

I am a Chinese-Canadian who was born in Taipei. I came to Canada when I was 14, had lived in Toronto for 18 years and then decided to explore the west coast and moved to British Columbia. My interests include science, technology, movies, music, theatre and literature. I am always curious about how things work. I hope I can turn this curiosity into my passion about life and the world around us!
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5 Responses to Haircut

  1. Ann 說道:

    long hair on a good looking guy who has a girly side to him does. heheh

  2. Alice 說道:

    Hmm…I\’m not sure if it\’s long hair that makes a girl look more feminine, or it\’s the viewers\’ perception that does. Honestly, I personally think social conditioning has something to do with it. On the flipside, do you think long hair makes a guy look feminine, too?  (Right now, I\’m thinking Johnny Depp looks even better with his long locks and beard! haha…….)

  3. Ann 說道:

    its so unexplainable why long hair has such a huge effect in making a girl looking more feminine.. could it be built into human genes?

  4. Alice 說道:

    我現在就有啊無法清楚地看到後面, 所以左邊頭髮長一點右邊鬢角好像也長一點….

  5. SUMMER 說道:



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