Toronto Blue Jays 2006 Season Starts!

Forgetting that I have to work the night shift, I was hoping my sister could get tickets for the Jays’ season opener from her company (You know, big accounting firms have great perks). She didn’t win the contest for the tickets. I had to work that night anyways. Nonetheless, I’m very excited about this promising season for the Toronto Blue Jays.
That  J.P. Ricciardi definitely knew his job and accomplished what’s needed to be done in the offseason. Strong arms, more power in the line up, and a good chance to get in the Wild Card race. The team certainly looks good on paper. The hype is valid. The new team attracted the biggest crowd in the season opener in years. However, only getting the job done and starting to win will put fans in the stands consistently.
That opening series was impressive. Doc looked like his old Cy Young award-winning self. Vernon Wells continued to show why he’s got a golden glove. The new recruits showed what they’re capable of. Our new closer Ryan made it look so easy. I wish all the series would be like this.
Then bad luck hit the Jays. Doc is on the DL again. They lost to the Tempa Bay Devil Rays. They managed to win the series againt one of the strongest rivals, the Boston Red Sox (To see David Wells being booed off the field was kind of fun ), and overpowered the champ, Chicago White Sox in the first game of the series. But then they finished the series with a two-game losing streak. Nothing spells bad luck like a rain delay ending the game in the 5th inning with the Jays losing 6-4 today.
Good news is, Vernon set out to improve on his slow start, and he’s doing great so far. He’s leading the club in average and home runs. Alex Rios is also showing some power in response to his critics.
I still believe that this year will the most exciting season in a long time. I’ll keep watching the Jays. Bring us to the post-season, guys!
P.S. O-dog is absolutely being missed. He brought energy to the games and the club. Let’s hope the new infield hold up well in his absence.

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I am a Chinese-Canadian who was born in Taipei. I came to Canada when I was 14, had lived in Toronto for 18 years and then decided to explore the west coast and moved to British Columbia. My interests include science, technology, movies, music, theatre and literature. I am always curious about how things work. I hope I can turn this curiosity into my passion about life and the world around us!
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4 Responses to Toronto Blue Jays 2006 Season Starts!

  1. Janet 說道:


  2. Alice 說道:

    Hi Daisy,
    I really want to go to a game someday. I didn\’t know you\’re into sports, too.

  3. DAY-Z 說道:

    Hey Alice,
    I agree I hope the jays make it to the post season. Let me know when you are going to a jays game and I will join you. Talk to you soon and nice blog . Bye

  4. Grant 說道:



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