A Bright Spot on a Gloomy Day

"Hi, folks. Thank you for riding with us. I hope you’re having a wonderful day. If this is your birthday or anniversary, happy birthday and happy anniversary. If it’s your birthday, I will sing you the happy birthday song. That’s a promise. As you can see, it’s raining outside. If you have an umbrella with you, you may get wet. If you don’t have an umbrella with you, you will probably get soaking wet. But don’t forget to smile, because a smile goes a mile and two smiles go a long way. And if everyone on the bus or everyone on earth smile all together at the same time, we’ve got world peace. So don’t forget to smile. And enjoy the leftover turkey tonight, like the one I just had for dinner, because you will probably have that turkey for the rest of the week. And then you will to work hard to burn off the extra calories, like me. Once again, thank you for riding with us and enjoy the rest of the ride to the station. And have a great evening."
This was the bus driver’s drill on my bus ride home. It’s still raining and cold. I’m suffering from a cold that I got during my 3-day trip to Northern Ontario. I had to fight a mild headache while writing my Analytical Chemistry test. Today has definitely not been a good day for me. But this drill brightened up my day a little bit. I did smile. I wish I had let him know that he made a differnce. And I felt bad that no one answered him when he asked if we thought The Leafs would beat The Flyers tonight.
Guys, try giving a smile to a stranger everyday. Maybe you can make a difference, too.

About Alice

I am a Chinese-Canadian who was born in Taipei. I came to Canada when I was 14, had lived in Toronto for 18 years and then decided to explore the west coast and moved to British Columbia. My interests include science, technology, movies, music, theatre and literature. I am always curious about how things work. I hope I can turn this curiosity into my passion about life and the world around us!
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